Should You Oil Indoor Teak Furniture?

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should you oil indoor teak furniture
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If you have quality teak furniture in your home, you may want to consider regularly oiling it. Teak is one of the most durable and attractive woods available, making it a popular choice for indoor furniture. Oiling your furniture will help protect it and extend its life, as well as provide a beautiful finish. In this article, we will describe the benefits of oiling teak furniture, how to do it properly and how often you should oil it.

What Are The Benefits Of Oiling Teak Furniture?

Oiling your teak furniture is a great way to protect it and keep it looking beautiful. The oil will help to seal the wood and prevent it from cracking or splitting. It will also help to keep the wood looking new and vibrant, as the oil will add a natural sheen to it. The oil will also help to keep the wood from fading due to exposure to sunlight and other elements. Finally, the oil will help protect the wood from the effects of water, which can cause the wood to rot or become discolored.

How To Oil Teak Furniture Properly

When oiling your teak furniture, it is important to do it properly in order to get the best results. Start by cleaning the furniture with a mild soap and water and then let it dry completely. Once the furniture is dry, you can apply the oil. You should use a high-quality teak oil that is specifically designed for this purpose. Apply the oil in a thin, even coat and let it sit for several hours before wiping off any excess. You can also use a brush to apply the oil, but be sure to wipe off any excess after it has been applied.

How Often Should You Oil Teak Furniture?

How often you should oil your teak furniture depends on how much exposure it gets to the elements. If the furniture is in a room that is exposed to direct sunlight or other extreme weather conditions, you should oil it every six months. If it is in a room that gets less exposure, you can oil it once a year. You may also want to oil it more often if it is in a room that gets a lot of foot traffic or is exposed to moisture.


Oiling your teak furniture is a great way to keep it looking beautiful and lasting for years to come. By following the instructions above and oiling your furniture regularly, you can ensure that your furniture stays in top condition. If you would like to learn more about teak furniture care and maintenance, be sure to check out our other articles.

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